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Global Coated Abrasives Market Is Expected to Grow at 6.83% CAGR During the Period 2017-2021
2020/5/28 8:24:58
Experts forecast Global Coated Abrasives Market is expected to grow at 6.83% CAGR during the period 2017-2021.

Abrasives are materials used to smoothen or carry out finishing on hard surfaces through extensive rubbing. Abrasive minerals such as aluminum oxide, ceramic, silicon carbide, and alumina zirconia are combined with adhesive bonding, which anchor the abrasive minerals with a backing material.

These minerals along with the backing material on curing are converted to product forms such as belts, rolls, discs, or wheels. A coated abrasive, also referred to as a flexible abrasive, consists of a backing of cloth, paper, polyester, or vulcanized fiber; a bonding system; and an abrasive grain coating. Coated abrasives can be used for grinding, de-burring, finishing, and polishing applications.

Coated Abrasives Market Drivers:

Growing demand for PSA-backed coated abrasives

Rising demand from electronics and transportation industries

Strong demand for semi-friable aluminum oxide-based products

Coated Abrasives Market Challenges:

Improper or inadequate storage causing technical issues

Declining demand for natural grain-based coated abrasives

Stringent government regulations

Threat of substitution from super abrasives

Coated Abrasives Market Trends:

Emergence of China as a major consumer and producer

Production value chain incorporating forward integration

Cutting tool applications on the rise

Key Vendors of Coated Abrasives Market:

3M, Saint-Gobain, Bosch, Hermes Schleifmittel, KWH Group and many more

Geographical Regions of Coated Abrasives Market: APAC, Europe, North America...

Global Coated Abrasives Market by Type of Grain: Aluminum Oxide-Based, Ceramic-Based, Silicon Carbide, Alumina Zirconia, Other.

Global Coated Abrasives Market by Type of Backing Material: Fiber, Paper, Cloth, Polyester, Cotton, Other.

Global Coated Abrasives Market by Application: Transportation Industry, Machinery Industry, Metal Fabrication Industry, Consumer Goods Industry, Other Industries.

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